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As a ForbesWomen contributor, I empower women leaders globally while sharing my insights, opinions, and retail experience. This platform helps me connect with like-minded individuals, mobilize communities, and promote diversity and inclusion.

The Mother-Daughter Designer Duo Behind Colombian Luxury Label Silvia Tcherassi

This mother-daughter designer duo gives us the inside scoop on how they run their family fashion business...

Silvia Tcherassi Luxury fashion designer
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Lydia Fenet is one of the world's most accomplished and sought-after auctioneers. Fenet's engaging, eloquent, and lighthearted auctioneer style has captivated her audience and raised over a billion dollars for nonprofits globally on behalf of organizations such as Christie's, Louis Vuitton, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Broad Arrow, and UNICEF. Her talent for capturing her audience brought her on the stage with some of the biggest stars, like Elton John, Martha Stewart, and Seth Meyers...

Lydia Fenet book launch
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Interview With An Angel: Jaclyn Smith

“We were independent women making our way. Our lives didn’t revolve around men. There was a bond with the girls, and we had loyalty to each other which was a gift from heaven, and that’s what we want today,” Jaclyn Smith said.  

And that’s what the Jaclyn Smith brand is all about – to empower women... 

Jaclyn Smith Celebrity Fashion Designer
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Pernilla Nyrensten Became The First Female Founding CEO On The Stockholm Stock Exchange Since Its Inception 160 Years Ago

RevolutionRace started in Pernilla's father's garage in a small town in Sweden in 2013, and the company has come a long way since. The company is now growing rapidly, making a profit and selling its products to more than 35 countries. RevolutionRace reported net sales of SEK 897 million, or USD 100 million in the last fiscal year...

Pernilla Nyrensten Co Founder of Revolution Race in Sweden
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Insight To Success: From Fashion StartUp, Venture Capital, Metaverse, AI, To Philanthropy. How Muna AbuSulayman Became A Top Global Influence

I met Muna AbuSulayman in 2006 when she was the co-founding host of the No.1 and longest-running Arab TV show on social issues.

At the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan, she interviewed me to consult with her apparel startup, a celebrity-pioneered brand targeted at modest fashion women. During my interview, I talked about the intensive capital a startup requires, the lengthy logistics, global sourcing, and the production process...

Muna AbuSulayman UN Embassador,  Investor, Philanthropist
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Amanda Hearst: Sustainability Entrepreneur And Advocate

Amanda Hearst, the philanthropist and heiress to the Hearst Corporation, was an associate fashion editor at Marie Claire when she found herself writing only about sustainable fashion at a time where those two words never seemed to be used together...

Amanda Hearst, Heiress, Hearst Corporation
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